About Faces In Fire

Last May when the first Pandemic lockdown restrictions were about to end after the first wave.
I bought a trailer on a huge campsite at a popular RV trailer park.
I had a fire and was just messing about with my new iPhone and I took a few pictures of the fire. Thinking nothing of it I started seeing faces and images in the photos of the flames.

These faces started showing up in the majority of photos I was taking.
What was even more strange I was having dreams about the next nights fire and was thinking of images in my head of video game characters and aliens and to my surprise and chagrin the next night the images I saw in my dreams were showing up in the flames.

Now I don’t do any legal or illegal drugs. I don’t smoke anything. I have a few Pepsi’s and make Panini’s by the fire and take my photos.

The flames would turn different colours, and everyone thought I was buying some powder to put in the flames, but I wasn’t.
It was all happening naturally.

This website is for you to look at these photos and take your own photos of fire’s in legal circumstances like at a camp site in a proper regulation fire pit.

Please don’t burn down a building and then submit the photos. Also follow the local fire instructions and restrictions for having fires.
Yogi bear and Smokey the Bear will thank you for your responsible behaviour. For instructions on how to best manage a fire in the wilderness check out our instructions as laid out by North American government agencies.

I don’t want people setting buildings on fire or other people’s belongings or property and uploading them to the site.
These photos won’t make it onto the site but will make it to local authorities and get the offending parties in some hot water!

We are talking pictures in fireplaces and fire pits only. Any other pictures will be turned over to the police along with contact information for those who upload the photos.
We want this to be a positive experience for everyone.

Prizes will be awarded each month for the best photos uploaded.

Photoshop or Photo Manipulation?
None of the photos on this site have been manipulated in anyway. Photoshop or other photo manipulation software was not used. This site is for entertainment purposes only.
You can comment on what you see, profanity will not be tolerated.
Is it weird, yes! Is it interesting to some people it will be? To others it will be molded and manipulated into something that is less than positive!